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Nations Under War Rules

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Nations Under War Rules

-What is Nations Under War?
Nations Under War is a RPG/CAMPAIGN type extension (like a tournament) of Warlords:BattleCry2. In the game you will be forced to face bandits as a Kingdom, protect homelands, manage gold, make alliances, and maybe even be bandits yourself.

-What does Bandit and Kingdom mean?
Bandits are more barbaric races that have no homeland, unstead they roam around attacking the Kingdoms stealing their gold and land.
Kingdoms are made up of more orderly races.

-Whose a Bandit and why?
Orcs, They are known to be wanders and to rob humans of their wealth
Fey, These mischif creatures smirk at the sign of annoyance
Barbarians, These primitives know only ways of choas, and doing whatever it takes to survive

-What does income do?
Bandits: You are required to have more income then the Kingdom you wish to attack in order to attack. Also, for every 2 gold more you have then the Kingdoms, you get to use a Army Setup Point.
Kingdoms: Each week you will get income depending on how much land you own. For each section you own at the end of a week your kingdom will recieve 25 gold pieces. You want income to bribe other kingdoms/bandits to leave you alone (however they can break their word). You need 25 gold pieces to particapate in battle. You may also buy land, and sell land.

-How do you get/lose income?
Bandits: If you will a battle against a Kingdom you 25 gold pieces, also, at the end of each week you will recieve 500 gold pieces. You can sell, auction land. You may also earn money from bribes and betray'll. However, if you lose to a Kingdom you lose 50 gold pieces. (Wanders carry more possions)
Kingdoms: For each each section of land you own at the end of the week will provide you with 25 gold pieces You can also gain gold by winning battles, 25 gold pieces for kingdoms and 50 for bandits. However, if you lose to a Kingdom/Bandit you lose 25 gold pieces. Also, you can gain money from bribes and betray'll. At the end of each week the 9 kingdoms will vote for a different kingdom to lose 50 gold pieces, each vote the kingdom gets results in loss of 50 gold pieces. Last but not least, you can buy and sell lands that are up for sale.

-How do you gain/lose land?
Bandits: You start out with no land, if you win a battle you can gain a land. You can not collect gold pieces off of your land however, so you can ethier sell it, auction it, or give it away. If 2 weeks go without any action, the land will be auction'd. You can attack kingdoms secondary base.
Kingdoms: You start with 5 lands, 2 are bases. One is you secondary base which only bandits can attack, the other is your homeland, where you god protects you from any threats.

-How many members are there in a Kingdom?
Bandits: No limit
Kingdoms: No limit

-How are Kingdoms/Bandits ran?
The members vote in a head council, and after that it's up to the race.

-What are the requirements to join a team?
The first week after offical announcment anyone can join, but after that it's up to the Head Council

-How often do you battle?
Bandits: Seeing as bandits might not have more income then any kingdom for maybe as long as a month, they can attack whenever they choose. If you challenge a Kingdom on-line and they back out you can post it on the forums to farthers stain their name. (Which will most likely result in them getting voted on to lose gold pieces)
Kingdoms: You are required to do at least one battle once a week. Wether it be against Bandits or oppossing Kingdoms. If you are down to only one land at the end of the week, you will still recieve 25 gold pieces and be required to particapate once a week. If you are voted to lose and cant afford to lose it, you will be set at 25 gold pieces for that week.

-Will there be contact support at Warlords:UnderGround?
Yes, there will be a page with Nations Under War news, and each race will get there own passworded forum. (You can trust that i wont reveal passwords or spy, passwords will be choosen after Head Council is choosen)

-How are Game settings decided?
Bandits: For every 2 gold pieces more that you have then the Kingdom your attacking you get to use a army set up point
Kingdoms: Army Set up points will always be 0 unless facing bandits then ONLY the bandits will get to use some if any. All other factors are determined by the defender.

-How will arguements be settled?
They wont, I have no-say in what goes on with all the Kingdoms and Bandits, thats up to the Head Council. As I said before, much is gained through treachery.

-What do stars mean?
Bandits: Not avalible
Kingdoms: You have extra resources you can buy a star, they cost 200 gold a-piece, after you Kingdom has accumulated 5 stars you get 2000 gold pieces. If at the end of the week you only have your homeland you will lose all you stars. Once stars are bought they cant be sold.

-What can I do with lands I dont want?
Bandits: Auction, Sell, Trade, and Give Away
Kingdoms: Auction, Sell, Trade, and Give Away

-What do we have to report and what can stay secret?
I have to know who you Head Council is, when a battle is lost/won, when you execute a act concerning a lands ownership. Also, whose offically in your Banditry/Kingdom. All diplomatic relations, and internal affairs thats none map related may stay in your Kingdom.

-Can people from the same Kingdom play different races?
No, if your from the court of humans, you play Humans, the court of High Elves, you play High Elves. Except with heroes, they can be any race

-What level heroes can I use?
Any level, any race

-Can heroes use items?

-Will monthly tournaments still be held?

-Any pointers when establishing a government?
I reccomend making departments, have 3 or 4 people in control of keeping track of diplomatic affairs. A couple of guys dedicated to keeping requirements filled. Also, be sure the High Council you ae selecting is not only wise at the ways of BattleCry, but is active on forums and such. Again, this is advice, you guys can do whatever you want.

-What are requirements of a race?
Bandits: You have to have a repersentative post on the Offical Nations Under War Forum once a week at least
Kingdoms: You have to have a representative for your Kingdom defend a land at least once a week, and you have to have a repersentative post on the offical forum at least once a week

-What if we decide we dont want the High Council in power anymore?
You can hold impeachment hearings in which you make a post in your forum and each member will vote saying they do or dont want to impeach. All voters must be registered members. If the vote gets at least 80% to agree, then impeachment will take place and you will need to select a new High Council before you can paricapate in the game once again.

-How often will Diplomatic Affairs be updated?
Once a week

-How often can you battle for one land?
A land section can only be defended/attacked once a week.

If You Have Any Other Questions Feel Free To Email Me