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Warlords:BattleCry 2

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Warlords:BattleCry 2

Warlord:BattleCry 2 is a much more polished version of Warlords:BattleCry 1. Though I dont agree with the switch to more cartoonish graphics rather then real life like, no one can deny the gameplay improvement. In Warlords:BattleCry 2 three more races were added as well as four hero specialties. If there was ever a must play game, this would definitly be it.

Patch's And Downloads:
-Warlords:BattleCry 2 Demo
-Hero Information Extractor
-Scenario Information Extractor
-Patch 1.03
Upgrades from your current version to 1.03
-Warlords:BattleCry 2 also supports custom AI scripts, those can be found here:
Wildlands 01-04
cw's campaign, part 1 through 4
Wildlands 05-08
cw's campaign, part 5 through 8
Wildlands 08
cw's campaign, part 8
These are in winzip format. To get winzip click here:

Frequently Asked Questions:
-How do I play on-line?
There two ways:
1.You can ethier do it through GameSpy. (Look at Warlords:BattleCry 1 Frequently Ask Questions)
a.Run Warlords:BattleCry
b.Click on Multiplayer, the double helms
c.Select internet and click the next arrow
d.Select a open or secure
open: Can use no heroes, temp heroes, or normal heroes
secure: Must make new heroes that can be played on-line only
e.Log in with account, can be your forum one
f.Select Server
g.Select Lobby
h.Enjoy playing
Open server, DaemonWings lobby tends to be the most active of the lobbies.
-How do I switch heroes for on-line gameplay?
-Go to start, find files and put in " lobby launcher " when it shows it to you all you do is right click on it and make a short cut to your desk top, then you go to start, settings, and go to add/remove programs, delete " mplayer " and then it is ready to use to use the lobby launcher all you do is open it and click on the hero you want to use, then click on " mplayer " it will give you a error, ignor it and click " ok " then you close down the lobby launcher and your hero is now loaded and ready to use on gamespy.
-Are there any cheats?
No, there's sites that say yes, but they have been tested to be wrong

Do you have anything for Warlords:BattleCry2 to submit? If yes email me at