"Warlords Battlecry II's many playable factions, persistent heroes, and dynamic campaign are innovative elements on top of a solid real-time strategy game. The original Warlords Battlecry was the one of the very first games to effectively use the concept of heroes in a multiplayer-focused real-time strategy game, before Shattered Galaxy or Blizzard's upcoming Warcraft III. If the multiplayer component ends up being popular on the Ubi.com matching service, it should be interesting to create a hero in the service's closed, server-side mode, which allows for competitive rankings."

-Sam Parker, GameSpot

Warlords:BattleCry II

1.04 will upgrade from any version
Patch 1.04

Hero Information Extractor

Wildlands 05-08

Frequently Asked Questions:
-How do I play online?
There two ways:
.1.You can ethier do it through GameSpy. (Look at Warlords:BattleCry 1 Frequently Ask Questions)
..a.Run Warlords:BattleCry
..b.Click on Multiplayer, the double helms
..c.Select internet and click the next arrow
..d.Select a open or secure
...open: Can use no heroes, temp heroes, or normal heroes
...secure: Must make new heroes that can be played on-line only
..e.Log in with Ubi.com account, can be your forum one
..f.Select Server
..g.Select Lobby