"The new company is Infinite Interactive, headed by Steve Fawkner, and centered in Melbourne. As well as Steve Fawkner, creator and designer of the Warlords series, Infinite Interactive comprises almost the entire team that created the critically acclaimed Warlords Battlecry II. SSG will hand over the development of Warlords IV to Infinite Interactive. Warlords IV will be Infinite Interactive's first release and will be published by Ubi Soft." -Infinite Interactive
Welcome To The Warlords:UnderGround Fansite
In Summer of 1999 a company named Strategic Studies Group (SSG) released a game called "Warlords:BattleCry" (WBC) under head developer Steve Fawlkner, and the team that worked on it has not looked back since. Originally the idea of the magical land of Warlords called 'Etheria' was developed through turn based games. After the third addition of this series they decided to try making a real time strategy realm revolving around this magical land of Etheria. They discovered the public wanted it and have since then made two sequels. While all three games provided countless hours of single player fun, the true heart to every RTS is its ability to be played competitivly with others. The Warlords:UnderGround focuses on this factor of the game and hopes to provide you with all the files and maps needed to prolong your expirence in the realm of Ethieria. Links to sites with helpful single player information can be found be clicking "helpful links" on the menu to your left.