Hall Of Fame:
Noble, daring, warriors,
Come to face their fate,
On the battlegrounds of Etheria,
They battle on with hate,

Fighting for survival,
Crushing the threat at hand,
Destroying enemy strongholds,
Conquering their lands,

Courage is required,
Loyalty and pride,
Attacking the unknowing,
An angry, furious tide,

So will you join these warriors,
See if you stick out from the horde,
Do you have what it takes,
To be named a warlord.

aka Thorgin; Alderbranch was one who found the most exploitive combo in WBC2 pretty much ruining the game for competitive players. (Should play for fun anyways ;) lol) His archmage with a combo of calm/awe/drain/acquire was amazing and he had the skill to back make it even greater.
Though he may not be the most frequent on-liner or poster, he is known for much more. His dedication to Warlords Fightclub remains consistent even through WBC3 as he has recoded and improved it.
Chris Proctor
Chris Proctor works for SSG, he is a recently aquired terrian god. He first became interested in SSG when he played Warlords 1, and ever since then has been a loyal fan. He managed to win over his postion with his display of skill in a winter scene. He changed the way the WBC2 art was done also to make it less time consuming by breaking the traditional 3d Studio Max. He is currently working on the art for Warlords 4 which he claims is a new challenge that he looks forward to. Though unfortunatly he was released from the Warlords series when I2 split from SSG. Maybe one day Chris will grace the lands of Etheria once more; until then, good luck Chris.
He was the first to really introduce an RPG twist to the Warlords:BattleCry community. His idea was to give all 9 races land and let them battle it out. Though due to lack of particapation this was eventually closed. But we shall never forget what doors he opened. It should also be noted he went through the work of maintaining a WBC2 ladder used until the release of WBC3 as well as organized tournaments for both WBC2 and WBC3. He created a campaign known as The Wildlands for Warlords:BattleCry 2, and pioneered making exp maps in WBC3. He will forever be known as the guy who has the figures for anything and everything you could ever want to calculate concerning WBC.
He is acredited for starting the largest topic seen by most, "History Topic" on the UBB forums for Warlords:BattleCry1, he is also acredited to be the hardest working spammer on in the community. Even though he like High Elves (we've learned to forgive him for that) he goes down as one of the people that carried the WBC community at one of its points of deadness.
He is the head of the largest clan to every grace the Warlords community, The Knighthood. It was start'd in 01/01/01, and even today it continues to grow. He is also known for starting the Paladin era on GameSpy. To date he's still rated one of the best players and furthermore most influencal leader.
I2 is the name of Steve's current company and now has sole control of the Warlords series'.
He is reknown for his map making abilities. Has made a very AWESOME campaign for heroes in Warlords:BattleCry 1 as well as many AWESOME maps. One of his biggest accomplishments is thought to be the "Forum Wars". In which he took people from the UBB forums, and made them characters in the map. If you have never played a map made by him or tried his campaign, I recommend you wait no longer.
The King of Spam. He is acredited for starting the largest topic seen by most, "History Topic" on the UBB forums for Warlords:BattleCry1, he is also acredited to be the hardest working spammer on in the community. Even though he like High Elves (we've learned to forgive him for that) he is still greatly liked by community.
Mick Robertson
Mick is currently a devloper for SSG studios, but he claims it all started by repeated botherings to Steve. (Think Steve ever gets tired? lol) In 1990 he bought Warlords 1 and fell in love with it, When Warlords 2 came out he claims he bought a new computer just to play it. (now thats what I call devotion, for they werent cheap back then let me remind you.) While Mick was in computer engineering he found the Warlords 3 discussion board. After many botherings it came to Steve's attention that Mick needed a work experience placement. After many back and forth conversations between Steve's people and his people, Mick got the postion. Finally in 1997 he got offered a full time job at SSG. When he joined on Warlords 3 was under way, making it the first game he worked on, allowing him to be involved with BattleCry right from the beginning. Now that Mick has is dream job, he still says the thing that inspired him to join SSG, was the Warlords series.
Mplayer provided a home for the BattleCry community so that they could play on-line. Ask any player who has been here awhile and he/she will she with much confindence that Mplayer was a much more user friendly system compared to current GameSpy.
NobleKnight earns his spot in history by hosting an increditable site and forums at a time when the community needed them; Warlords Keep. There is no doubt he gave up hours and hours of his time to meet the demands of the fans.
A.K.A. DaSweetFreak, was the winner of the first Warlords:UnderGround tournament. Unfortunatly this was before the Trophy Case was made. But now everyone can come here and see his great accomplishment. Also, he is head of the clan, "The Four Horsemen". His idea was to get a small number (4) of elite players, and see what happened. Also, he is accredited the Healer era. He started useing Healers on-ine and they're were observers to follow after seeing what one could do.
Stratic Studies Group (SSG)
SSG was the orginal home company of Steve until the split where he went on to produce solely Warlords games as I2.
Steve Fawlkner
Steve is the orginal creator and developer of the Warlords series both turn based and BattleCry. He is an excellent composer (as you may notice in both WBC I and WBC II as he composed the music in both) and has an excellent imagine to boot. Cheers to you Steve; keep up the good work.
Summoner49 helped NobleKnight run Warlords Keep by handling the Warlords IV section of it. He also was the one to expose the 'cheesiness' of phantom steed rushes in WBC2 by consequtivly beating the most skilled players of the game.
Ubisoft publishing picked up SSG and helped them make an impact in the popular game market by giving them thier real first built in lobby and advice on how to market. While their lobby was something to be desired as well as their boards, it was a foothold against the tide of Age of the Empires and Warcraft mania.
The UBB Boards
The Old BattleCry boards...they were very welcoming and user friendly and thats what made them so desirable. After the switch to UbiSoft's boards in 02/02 many old players refused to use Ubisofts and many felt sorry for the oncoming newbies that wouldnt get to expirence the good days of freedom and hassle free.
Known for his unmatched talent, he takes on the community winning one after another. Not only is he very helpfull to members of the community, he has helped tremdously over the years to push for smoothing out of exploits and more balanced gameplay. In his start he was part of the SDS clan though now a reigning legend among the community; he prefers to stay open for all members to consult.
Warlords Fight Club
The Warlords Fight club is a site that has a ladder and hosts tournaments as well. It's accredited for pumping life back into the open ubi.com servers.
Wizard of the South
He has more then earned his respect by the on-line comunity. Being the father of the "Pure Hero" idea on WBC, he has taught many on how to improve their game. The Pure Hero idea consists of playing your hero on-line only, and not useing any items. Many of followed these ways as they provide a greater challenge and quicker thinking.